With the NFHS requiring all states to implement pitch count rules, this has created a number of issues that go beyond just counting pitches. There will now be eligible and ineligible pitchers and in order for coaches to effectively manage their teams, it’ll be crucial that they know the exact status of pitchers. Not having this information could result in a forfeit because a coach inadvertently uses an ineligible pitcher or a team could suffer a loss because they didn’t know that the opposing team was using an ineligible pitcher. Either scenario is enough of a concern to keep coaches awake at night. But there is another, deeper issue at play as well.

As with any set of rules, it’s vitally important that there is sufficient oversight to ensure that everyone is in compliance and that there’s a level playing field. In order to establish and maintain competitive balance, there has to be a system to monitor the process of recording pitch count data, verifying the accuracy of that data, ensuring that each pitcher’s status is correct, and that teams are adhering to the required days of rest.  No small task, but this is precisely what PitchKount does and why it’s so valuable.




Look up your opposing team’s Pitching Report to know who’s not eligible to pitch


Review your team’s Pitching Report to avoid using an ineligible pitcher


Each pitcher’s “Next Available Date” is automatically determined & allows you to plan for upcoming games


Easily archive players each season who have graduated or are no longer playing


See a player’s chronological history of dates & pitch counts across multiple seasons


Easily add new players to your team's active roster


  • How can I trust that the players who pitched and their recorded pitch counts are accurate?

    The PitchKount system offers various methods for recording accurate pitch count data with each having its own verification process.

  • It appears the team we played misreported their data. How does this get corrected?

    If there is a dispute about the pitcher(s) and/or their recorded pitch count, PitchKount provides a specific process to investigate and resolve the issue.

  • Do I have to determine the days of rest for my pitchers and constantly keep track of it?

    Not with PitchKount, it automatically performs these functions for you. Using the verified data and your specific Athletic Association’s rules, PitchKount determines each pitcher’s “Next Available Date” and provides this information to you in a daily Pitching Report.
  • How can I prevent using an ineligible pitcher and having to forfeit a game?

    PitchKount provides each team with a Pitching Report that lists those players who are not eligible to pitch. This report updates daily and coaches can print it out or use a mobile device to access it from the dugout.

  • How do I know which players on the opposing team are not eligible to pitch?

    With PitchKount, you can view your opponent’s current Pitching Report. Any listed players are not eligible to pitch that day. Print a copy for the dugout or pull it up using your mobile device. Either way, you’re in the know.

  • Some players pitch on both our sub-Varsity and Varsity teams. How am I going to keep up with that?

    Great question, because pitch count rules apply for pitchers across all levels.  No worries though, PitchKount tracks all your pitchers and puts this information at your fingertips every day via the Pitching Report.

  • How do I know that other schools are abiding by the pitch count rules and playing it straight?

    PitchKount verifies the accuracy of the recorded data, automatically determines each pitcher’s “Next Available Date” and then provides each team’s Pitching Report for all to see. Because of these checks and balances, PitchKount puts all teams on a level playing field.

  • I had a parent question whether their son was being over pitched. How can I disprove this?

    PitchKount provides each player with an Individual Player Card detailing the dates he pitched and the number of pitches thrown.  It lists the dates in chronological order and season by season.  You’ll easily be able to show a player’s workload over time.  This information can also assist coaches in managing individual players and/or see trends in a player’s performance.

  • Does PitchKount create an additional administrative burden?

    Quite the contrary, it reduces it. As a cloud based, independent application that does not require any type of download or software installation, PitchKount provides a low-touch, comprehensive solution to managing pitch count rules. Coaches and Athletic Associations won’t be tasked with record keeping, verifying data or determining required days of rest. PitchKount will lessen the load on coaches and Athletic Associations.

  • There are multiple Athletic Associations in our state. How does PitchKount know which rules to use?

    Teams within each state and specific Athletic Association are grouped together so that the correct set of rules are applied.

  • Our team changed to another Athletic Associations that has different rules. What now?

    PitchKount is updated each year and schools that change to a different Athletic Association are moved within the system to reflect this change.

  • What happens if our Athletic Association’s rules change in the future?

    Each year, the PitchKount system is updated with each Athletic Association’s current rules.  So, as rules change and evolve over time, so will PitchKount!

  • We’re playing a team from another state. Will PitchKount still work?

    Absolutely.  Within PitchKount, each team is linked with their home state and specific Athletic Association.  It doesn’t matter who a team plays– once data for a team has been verified and recorded, that team’s specific set of rules are applied.  So, you can play a team from another state or even another Athletic Association and your rules will apply to your team while your opponent’s rules will apply to their team.


  • Is a comprehensive software solution
  • Is simple to use & requires very little data entry
  • Ensures the accuracy of recorded pitch count data
  • Provides coaches with up-to-date, actionable information
  • Automatically determines each pitcher's "Next Available Date”
  • Provides each team with a daily Pitching Report of ineligible pitchers
  • Helps ensure that all teams are adhering to their state’s pitch count rules