With the dawn of pitch count regulations, state athletic associations have a host of new concerns.

How will coaches know the availability of pitchers on a daily basis?

How  can we verify that teams across all levels are abiding by the pitch count regulations?

How will we know when there’s been a pitch count infraction?

How do we ensure that the pitch count data is accurate and secure to prevent cheating? 

How will players at the Varsity and Sub-Varsity levels be accounted for? 

Most of all, how can we help prevent coaches from using ineligible pitchers and avoid infractions?

These are complex issues requiring a comprehensive management system built specifically for this purpose. 

And that system is PitchKount.

PitchKount is a revolutionary software system designed and built with input from coaches, athletic directors and state athletic association personnel.  It has a proven track record of success with state high school athletic associations, middle school athletic conferences, collegiate summer leagues and various youth leagues across the country. 

PitchKount removes human error in determining mandatory days of rest, makes it simple for coaches to avoid using ineligible pitchers and provides athletic associations with all the oversight and managment tools they need.

With its comprehensive solutions and patent pending technologies, PitchKount stands alone as the Gold Standard for pitch count management.




Look up your opposing team’s Pitching Report to know who’s not eligible to pitch


Review your team’s Pitching Report to avoid using an ineligible pitcher


Each pitcher’s “Next Available Date” is automatically determined & allows you to plan for upcoming games


Easily archive players each season who are no longer playing


See a player’s chronological history of dates & pitch counts across multiple seasons


Easily add new players to your team's active roster


Some of the game-winning features PitchKount provides Athletic Associations:

  • Association homepage with tools to oversee and manage all teams

  • Daily pitch count report that differentiates between legal and illegal overages

  • System checks to expose the use of ineligible pitchers 

  • Verification processes to ensure the accuracy of the pitch count data

  • Safeguards to secure the pitch count data and prevent cheating

  • 24/7 access to electronically stored game reports

  • Individual school homepages with all the information coaches need to avoid using an ineligible pitcher

  • Daily, team-specific pitching reports that remove human error in determining mandatory days of rest

  • Ability of coaches to instantly see the pitching report of their opponent

  • Simple game reporting that takes only minutes to input

  • No impact on coaches in the dugout.  They score their games and count pitches just as they always have

  • Free, public access to each team’s current pitching report

  • Mobile device accessible without having to download or purchase apps


  • How do we know that the players who pitched and their recorded pitch counts are accurate?

    The PitchKount system offers various methods for recording accurate pitch count data with each having its own verification process. 

    Each game report is date/time stamped with who submitted it, who verified its accuracy and then electronically archived for instant access at any time.

  • It appears a team misreported the data. How does this get corrected?

    If there is a dispute about who pitched and/or their recorded pitch count total, PitchKount has a patent pending process to resolve the issue.

  • What safeguards are in place to secure the pitch count data?

    Once a game report has been submitted, coaches no longer have the ability to edit any of the data.  This prevents someone from accessing the system to alter their team’s pitch count data and gain an unfair advantage.

    However, there is a specific process in place to edit game reports; just not by the coaches themselves.

  • Are coaches left to determine the days of rest for their pitchers on their own?

    No.  PitchKount automatically performs this function for coaches which removes human error or any misunderstanding of the pitch count rules.
    Each day, PitchKount takes the verified pitch count data along with each league’s specific rules and automatically determines every pitcher’s availability.  Coaches are provided this information in a simple, easy to understand format so they always know the exact status of their pitchers and those of their opponent.
  • Will PitchKount help prevent coaches from using an ineligible pitcher and having to forfeit a game?

    Absolutely!  Every day, PitchKount provides each team with their own Pitching Report that lists those players who are not eligible to pitch. This report updates in real-time and coaches can print it out or use a mobile device to access it from the dugout.

    This report also accounts for both Varsity and Sub-Varsity pitchers so nobody falls throught the cracks and pitches when they shouldn’t.

  • Can coaches see the pitching report of their opponent?

    Yes.  With PitchKount, we offer multiple ways to view a team’s Pitching Report. Within the system, coaches can use the search function to view an opponent’s Pitching Report and they can even print the report to post in the dugout.

    From PitchKount.com, we also offer a free, public view of every team’s current Pitching Report.  This page can be accessed without having to login to the system.

    PitchKount provides coaches, fans & administrators with the knowledge to prevent the use of ineligible pitchers and avoid infractions from occuring.

  • How do we verify that teams are abiding by the pitch count rules?

    Each day, PitchKount generates an athletic association pitching report that not only lists those pitchers who exceeded the pitch count maximum, but also identifies which of those overages were illegal.  This instantly allows athletic association personnel know exactly which overages require their attention and which do not.

    PitchKount also identifies when an ineligible pitcher appears in a game while in a period of mandatory rest.

  • We had a parent question whether their son had been over pitched. How can we know if this is the case or not?

    PitchKount provides each player with an individual Player Card detailing the dates he pitched and the number of pitches thrown.  It lists the dates in chronological order and season by season so you’ll easily be able to see a player’s workload over time and if he was utilized in accordance with the pitch count regulations.

  • Does PitchKount create an additional administrative burden?

    No.  Because PitchKount actually helps prevent violations from occuring, less time is spent investigating infractions which decreases the administrative burden.

    As a cloud based, independent application that does not require any type of download or software installation, PitchKount provides a low-touch, comprehensive solution to managing pitch count rules.

    Coaches and and league officials aren’t tasked with record keeping, determining mandatory days of rest or combing back through box scores to determine if an infraction occured.

  • What happens if our Athletic Association’s rules change in the future?

    Each year, the PitchKount system is updated with each Athletic Association’s current rules.  So, as rules change and evolve over time, so will PitchKount!

  • Do our coaches have to download an app?

    No. PitchKount is a web based application that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device that has an internet connection.

  • Will our coaches have to change the way they score their games or count pitches?

    No.  Despite its name, PitchKount is not an in-game app that coaches use to count pitches or score their games.  Rather, it’s a software system used after games to collect the pitch count data and automatically convert it into actionable information.  So, nothing changes in the dugout for coaches.

    If they are using an electronic scoring application that also serves as their electronic clicker to count pitches, they keep right on doing that.  If they use a traditional scorebook with a pitching chart or hand-held clicker, that’s fine too.  PitchKount does not require them to change what they do and it doesn’t interfere with any type of scoring or pitch counting method.


  • A comprehensive software solution
  • Simple to use with minimal data entry
  • Ensures the accuracy of recorded pitch count data
  • Removes miscalculations and helps coaches avoid infractions
  • Automatically determines each pitcher's "Next Available” date
  • Provides each team with a daily Pitching Report of ineligible pitchers
  • Helps ensure that all teams are adhering to the pitch count rules
  • Protects the health and safety of student-athletes